At our Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, RAM dealership, we don't just want you to remember us as the place you bought your car, we want you to remember us as the dealership that exceeded all your expectations! And to do that, we must, and will, make everything all about YOU!

At our dealership, it's not about selling you a car or truck, it's about earning your business, your loyalty and your respect. We want you to remember us as the dealership that exceeded your expectations and made it all about YOU, and every member of our team is going to work very hard to ensure that you feel that way. Congratulations, you've finally found the NJ dealership where it's all about YOU!


When you visit The YOU! Dealership you'll quickly find that...


  • You are the boss.
    We pledge to treat you like you are our employer. YOU are the reason we go to work in the morning, so pleasing YOU is our everyday priority.
  • You deserve an honest price.
    We are fully committed to ensuring that our vehicle pricing will never be tricky or complicated.
  • You deserve to be greeted and treated with a smile.
    Visiting the YOU Dealership means that you are a member of the YOU Dealership family. And how do you greet members of your family? With a welcoming smile and unending courtesy.
  • You deserve immediate attention.
    Nothing is worse than feeling invisible when car shopping. Upon entering The YOU Dealership, you will immediately be approached and your needs assessed.
  • You deserve to have all your questions answered.
    Car shoppers have questions. The YOU Dealership wants customers to be more informed than they were when they arrived, so we promise to answer all of your questions clearly and politely.

Enjoy a new kind of dealership experience that is all about you. Browse our new and certified pre-owned inventory or call us at (877) 689-6755 to discuss your needs.